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The Proven Model: Your Direct Route From 6-7 FigureS A Year To MILLION-DOLLAR Months As A Coach Or Industry Expert


Stuck in $10k-$200k+ per month rut? I’ve created a proven model that I personally use to generate $1M+ per month Like Clockwork.

Skip the queue, smash the ceiling: This is your fast-track from 6-7 Figures per year to $1M+ per month as a coach or industry expert.

Important question for coaches and industry experts who can’t seem to Scale Their High-Ticket offer...

What’s The ONLY Difference Between People Doing $1M+ Per Month And Those Who Are Stuck In A Business Plateau?

If you guessed "better email strategy", you’d be wrong...

If you guessed "latest sales funnels", you’d be wrong...

If you guessed "better offer", you’d be wrong...

And if you guessed "better sales team"…

… You’d still be oh-so-wrong.

Because here’s the truth…

Most coaches and industry experts are stuck in the quicksand of stagnant growth, and the club is recruiting more members daily.

Maybe find yourself side-eyeing your numbers, thinking, "Something's gotta be off here".

Perhaps you've pumped up the ad spend, but your ROI seems to be getting worse by the day.

The Golden Goose funnel you were banking on? Now it's just guzzling your greenbacks faster than a thirsty camel.

You've already climbed mountains to get to where you are today. You've attracted a following, built a solid team, established efficient systems. You've laid the groundwork for serious scaling.

But that's precisely where the struggle begins.

Even with all the resources you now have in your life, scaling up feels like trying to walk a tightrope in a tornado, edging your business ever closer to the grave.
“Why!? I have everything I could need to scale… why can’t I do it?”
Here's the kicker - it's not about hoarding 'more resources''.

Nope, it's about learning how to master the resources you already possess with finesse and precision so you can...

Tame the frustration that comes hand-in-hand with failed scaling.

Trim the number of facepalm moments.

Shave off hours of wasted time.

Because let’s be honest, You Already know that every failure takes You one step closer to success…

… But how many more failures can your business really take?

How many more Facebook ad campaigns can you launch, fingers crossed and breath held, dreaming of backend profits… only to find the profits are nothing but a trickle of sadness?

How many coaches or consultants can you onboard, lured by their tantalizing promise of a “game changing strategy”… only to end up nursing a migraine the size of the Grand Canyon?

How many more sanity-testing dives into your analytics can you endure before your computer gets a free flying lesson out the window, after witnessing your latest “brilliant” strategy flop once again?

Isn’t it high time you kicked your growth into overdrive, redefining your business’s trajectory and rocketing it into uncharted territories of success?

How about waking up each morning, rubbing the sleep from your eyes, and, upon checking your numbers, feeling the zing of excitement shooting through your veins?

Instead of hitting refresh like a caffeine-fueled day-trader hoping for a market miracle, you're now double-checking, triple-checking, because these digits on the screen are so mind-blowing, you need to confirm they're real.

Those marketing meetings you dread? Pfft! Now it's the best part of your day.

Suddenly, your creative juices are flowing again, no longer dammed up by the relentless grind of mere survival.

You're right where you should be, pouring your all into serving your audience, free from the never-ending treadmill of business worry.

And that is a reality worth a twilight toast, popping champagne in celebration of the rock-solid consistency your business enjoys, month after glorious month.

Sound Good?

Well, You Must Free Yourself From These Three Lies Right Now If You Want To Be In With Any Chance Of Making This Your Reality...

Lie #1

"I Need The Newest Strategies To Scale Successfully"

Isn’t it just human nature to crave the newest, most glittering object on the shelf? Whether we’re on a relentless quest for significance or itching to grab the latest tech toy, we’re all suckers for the allure of the ‘brand new’.

This universal itch is likely why you’re hopping from one strategy to the next, trying to unlock the stubborn door to your business growth.

The more arrows you shoot, the more likely you’ll hit the bullseye, right?

BZZZT. Wrong answer, unfortunately.

For any plan to work its magic, you need to roll up your sleeves and pour in steady, unwavering effort to MAKE it sparkle.

Will your first attempt be a slam dunk? Highly unlikely.

But if you’re quick to abandon ship the moment the wind doesn’t blow in your favor, you’re leaving a sea of opportunities untapped.

That’s why we’re not cobbling together an oddball mix of ‘unique elements'. Instead, we’re taking familiar pieces and arranging them in an ‘uniquely brilliant’ manner.

This is our secret recipe for long-term victory. No crystal balls, no magic beans—just proven elements used in fresh, exciting ways.

Lie #2

“I’ll Have to Revamp My Entire Marketing to Scale Successfully”

Hold your horses, it’s not a marketing revolution you need.

Scaling up isn’t about unleashing an avalanche of shiny, untested tactics and strategies into your business landscape. It’s not about rewriting the rules or reinventing the wheel.

No, scaling is about taking what you’re already doing and transforming it into a lean, mean, efficiency machine. It’s about amplifying your existing strategies, not tossing them out with last week’s leftovers.

The crux of the matter is simple: generating more high-ticket sales is a game of understanding human behavior.

The question becomes: How can you harness the power of ethical persuasion to skyrocket the number of people begging you to let them join your high-ticket offer?

This is your golden key to shifting from a place of stagnation to a flourishing business realm, without giving your digital marketing strategy a head-to-toe makeover.

Think of it as a marketing tune-up rather than a total overhaul. It’s more about tweaking the engine you already have for maximum performance, not trading it in for a newer model.

Lie #3

"Skyrocketing Ad Costs Make Massive Scaling a Pipe Dream"

Sure, the price tag for running ads has been on a steep uphill climb, threatening to reach the summit of Mt. Everest... and it doesn't seem to be lacing up its hiking boots to descend any time soon.

That's why, if you're fixated on the flashy allure of short-term tactics and strategies, scaling up could seem as attainable as catching a cloud.

But here's the thing - ad spend is just the tip of the marketing iceberg.

The true secret to scaling successfully is akin to diving deep into the Mariana Trench of marketing. It's not about casting your net far and wide in the shallow waters, but instead drilling down into the depths.

Remember: An ocean's depth is always more intriguing than its surface. A goldmine of potential lies not in spreading yourself thin, but going an inch wide and a mile deep. That's how you strike the rich vein of scalable growth.

Boosting your Business To Million-dollar months?
it's as easy as aBC.

On the face of it, there are just three elementary stages to successful crank up your high-ticket offer to 11.

When you become a master of these three stages, scaling becomes as straightforward and exhilarating as a rollercoaster ride.
(Yes, you read that right. Who would've thought 'fun' could be partnered with 'scale'!)

So, what's the magic formula that bridges the chasm between the land of 7-figure years and the lofty peaks of 7-figure months?

I call it the ABC's of scaling.


Sure, these three stages might seem to skim the surface when it comes to scaling, but it's the elements within these stages that infuse real horsepower into your business engine.

It's like pouring rocket fuel into your dependable Toyota Corolla.
We're talking explosive growth here (without the literal fireworks, of course).

Mastering these three stages enables you to:
  • Command Attention... and keep it secured like Fort Knox.
  • Forge bonds so strong, you'd have a league of loyal followers.
  • Make your customers line up, wallets in hand, ready to enroll in your high-ticket program.
  • ​Deliver value without consigning yourself to the dreary business 'Friend Zone'.
Because let's face it,
The last thing you want is to leave one crucial puzzle left unplaced.

Ponder over this...
You might have a fanbase that worships the ground you walk on... but they never shell out a penny for you.
Or perhaps you have hoards of customers... but they're only interested in your low-ticket items.

Even worse, people might subscribe to your email list, but they view you with the same trust they'd afford a snake oil salesman.
Lack of just a handful of these elements could catapult your business into Piranha-filled waters.

That's something no business can stomach.
Not yours. Not mine. Not any business worth its salt.

We need to attract, bond and commit. And do so effectively and profitably.
This is the secret sauce to scaling massively.

"But Wait... Who The Heck Are You To Tell Me All This?"

 Top 1% Coach & Multi-Million Dollar CEO

Krista Mashore is in the top 1% of coaches nationwide making over $1 million dollars a month every month utilizing her proven Million Dollar Month Model. She has also been in the top 1% of realtors nationwide for 20 years. 

She is the recipient of 11 Two Comma-Club Awards (Each generating over 1 MILLION dollars in sales) , 2 Two Comma Club X Award (Each generating over 10 MILLION dollars in sales, and one Two Comma Club C Award (Generating 25 MILLION dollars in sales).

Krista is the author of four best selling books focusing on digital marketing. and was named Yahoo Finance’s number 1 digital marketer to watch in 2021!

She can also be found among the top 125 most impactful leaders in 2022 alongside Tony Robbins according to Success Magazine and has just been named in the top 2 affiliates for Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi's largest affiliate launch of 2022.

She has been featured in Forbes, Inman News, The Wall Street Journal, NBC, Fox, and many more!  Krista recently went from zero to 51 million dollars in five years, averaging $1,555,000 a month in the last two years.  

She is also a member of Russell Brunson's Inner Circle, Atlas Mastermind & The War Room Master Mind Group. 

Krista has a masters degree in curriculum and instruction. Always being a teacher at heart, she loves serving people and has turned her attention to sharing the secrets of her successes by coaching professionals across the nation. 

Through her coaching, teaching, speaking and training, Krista is revolutionizing the way entrepreneurs make money.

She offers an innovative step-by-step approach on how entrepreneurs can gain a massive digital footprint utilizing her Million Dollar Month Model.

The Proven Model 3-Day Virtual Experience

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds



Stuck In $10k-$200k+ Per Month Rut? I’ve Created A Proven Model That I Personally Use To Generate $1M+ Per Month Like Clockwork.

Skip The Queue, Smash The Ceiling: This Is Your Fast-Track From 6-7 Figures Per Year To $1M+ Per Month As A Coach Or Industry Expert.

Prepare yourself for a 3-day virtual Experience 
that’s so much more than just slides and 
monotone speeches…

Here’s the glittering prize that you’ll stride away with once the virtual curtains fall…

You’ll have the keys to the exact model I employ like clockwork to generate over $1M monthly in my own coaching business.

(And the same model my clients have used to scale their high-ticket offer)

But I won’t stop at just giving you a peek. I’m going to lift the lid and give you all the juicy details.

Every intricate detail, every finely-tuned element that makes this machine purr, I’ll lay it bare for you to feast upon.

It’s like taking the ultimate crash course in business speed-up, then getting handed the coach’s own game plan. You’ll be filled to the brim with solid steps and strategies, you’ll be eager to dash back to your business and kick-start your rocket ride to success.

In short, you won’t just be attending an event - you’ll be kick-starting your journey to results that could have you doing a victory dance around your office ASAP.

So, strap in, it’s going to be one heck of a ride.

Here's Exactly What You'll Get...

  •  3 Days Of Live Training designed to give you everything you need to scale your high-ticket offer.
  • ​Access to a private community where you get to discuss and meet others on the same journey as you.
  • ​Extra surprises along the way to make sure you get the results you're looking for :-)
This 3-day masterclass will show you my exact milion-dollar month model so you can scale your high-ticket offers predictably.

Month after month, we've generated on average $1M because of this exact model (Sometimes as high as $4M per month).

All you need to do is click the button below to save your space now!

On Top Of Learning My Exact Million-Dollar Month Model, Here's Some Of The Intricate Details You're Going To Learn During The 3 Value-Packed Days

  •  Harness The Untamed Power Of Ethical Persuasion: Learn How To Coax Your Prospects’ Frontal Lobes To Orchestrate Their Buying Behavior To Your Tune.
  • ​Evade The Chilling, Profit-Bleeding Abyss Of The Business ‘Friend Zone’ – Learn How To Make ’Em Salivate For Your Offer Instead Of Just ‘Liking’ You.
  • Unearth The Trust Escalation Model – A Step-By-Step Blueprint To Catapult Your Credibility And Forge Iron-Clad Trust At Warp Speed.
  • ​Peel Back The Veil On The Cryptic ‘Monetization Multipliers’ – Discover The Secret Mechanisms That Could Catapult You Into The Million-Dollar-A-Month Club.
  • ​​Control The Invisible Strings Of ‘Parasocial Relationships’ – Forge A Hypnotic Brand With Fanatics Who’ll Follow You To The Ends Of The Earth.
  • ​Witness My Raw Confession: A Gruesome $900K Loss In A Single Month, And How You Can Dodge This Catastrophic Pitfall.
  • How To Knock Down Your ‘Big Domino’ – Unleash A Tidal Wave Of Conversions And Let The Profits Pour In!
  • ​Delve Into The Murky Depths Of NLP In Marketing – Harness This Covert Psychological Weapon To Serve More People And Inflate Your Bottom Line.
  • Step Into The Lurid Backstage Of Our Operation: Witness The Naked Truth Behind Our Million-Dollar Months – Buckle Up, These Numbers Are Not For The Faint-Hearted!
  • ​Decode The ‘Three R’ Enigma For Exponential Growth – A Secret Formula Known Only To Industry Elites.
  • Crack The Code Of The ‘Snowball Momentum’ – How A Seemingly Innocent Hour Could Transform Into A Relentless $200K Monthly Cash Avalanche. (Prepare to be stunned when you hear the whole story!)
  • ​And So Much More!

The Proven Model...

Boom another million dollar day...
another million dollar day...
consistently over and over and over again month in and month out for years in a row now

- Russell Brunson

Anthony Trucks - Former NFL Player & Identity Coach

 "This will be the thing that changes everything for the future for us"

Shamina Taylor - Host of the Quantum Woman Podcast

"She helps you dig into a place you didn't even know existed ... Million dollar months is totally doable...  ITS HAPPENING" 

Kyle Livingston - Owner of 7 Figure Industry 

"I have never seen anyone break something down to such a granular understandable level as much as she does"

Tony Delgado -  Owner of 
Latino Wall Street

"It's not every day someone shows you the step by step strategy someone uses to make million dollar months every month"

Camille Beckstrand - Certified Life Coach for Moms & Families

"To say that my mind has been blown is an understatement. She is giving me strategy and tactics to take home and implement in a way no coach has ever done before." 

Josh Brown - Owner of Epic Coaches & Leaders

"Next Level... no body else is doing it like that. You got to check this out. She really cares about you and your business growth"

"Why Do I Need This Right Now?"

Well, as the old saying goes, "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now"

Why endure another day stuck in the swamp of sluggish growth, squinting at the horizon for a rescue chopper? Why not just engineer your own escape, armed with the exact tools you need to profitably scale your business?

Why consent to the shackles of stagnation, when you could be unfurling the sails of expansion, commandeering a fleet of raving customers?

Doesn't it tickle your funny bone to think that mastering the science of scaling now could mean you can kick back, relax and focus more on serving your audience? It's what I focus on, and you can too.

So, what do you say? Ready to plant that metaphorical tree and bask in its shade of success?

Look, Let’s Shoot Straight Here…

Since you’re still reading, it means you’re the kind of person who doesn’t just wait for a thunderstorm to make a rainbow, you’ve got your paintbrush out mixing your own shades of triumph.

That tells me we’re cut from the same robust cloth, you and I.

I’ve pumped millions into honing my Million-Dollar Month Model, not because I’m fond of burning cash, but because I believe in shaping my destiny, just like you.

Now, imagine this – I’ve done all the grueling work, weathered the financial hurricanes, and came out with a treasure map.

And guess what? I’m ready to unfurl this map and share the riches with you.

Are you game? Ready to go on this behind-the-scenes adventure and gaze upon the wonders of my Million-Dollar Model?

The Proven Model 3-Day Virtual Experience

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds



Stuck In $10k-$200k+ Per Month Rut? I’ve Created A Proven Model That I Personally Use To Generate $1M+ Per Month Like Clockwork.

Skip The Queue, Smash The Ceiling: This Is Your Fast-Track From 6-7 Figures Per Year To $1M+ Per Month As A Coach Or Industry Expert.

Here Are The Answers To Your Questions...

When Will This Virtual Masterclass Be Held?
This masterclass will be held on APRIL 22ND - APRIL 24TH. This masterclass will be from 8AM - 2PM Pacific Time (11AM - 5PM Eastern)
Will Krista Be Doing The Teaching?
Yes - Krista will be hosting most of the event.
Will There Be Recordings If I Can't Make It Live?
Yes! There will be recordings available but they will only be available for a few days after the event finishes.
How Much Money Should I Be Earning Right Now For This To Be Of Value To Me?
If you're earning more than $10k per month, you'll find this to be incredible valuable for you.
Is This Masterclass Really Worth The Time?
Listen - I totally get it. I'm extremely busy too, so the idea of attending a 3-day event is crazy to me. But this isn't just about 'attending an event'.

It's about learning the exact strategy you can use to scale your business in a way that allows you to have more free time.

This is a time investment that will be so well worth it.

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